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Summary of "A Simple Formula To Beat Competitors' Ass For Project Based Companies In Digital Space"

Here is a simple formula for any project based company who wants to grow now and in the future: Reliable Delivery + Faster Execution + Innovative Solutions = Clients Love As $ First you will need to build an organisation that is reliable in delivery. This means, if you commit to deliver a project with certain deadline, quality and budget then you better delivery as promised 100% of the times.  When you build an organisation that can delivery as promised. Then it is time to make the delivery faster than your closest competitors.  At this stage you have such a competitive advantage that your clients will recommend you to their friends. To persuade your clients to recommend your service to their close family members, you will need to build such a competent team that can provide Innovative Solutions to client's problems. Now, if you provide innovative solutions to client's problem faster than anyone else, then there will be no one in the market who can beat your ass. Since I have…