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Business & Economy-Confused Branding Part 1

I came back to Tehran to live for some months after 4 years. It seems that we had a boosting advertising market, people started to talk about Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Companies started to open positions in Marketing Management, Advertising Management fields. Yes, I know it is little bit funny and too much sad, Since all other countries started to think about this science more than 50 years ago!! But I would be proud of all these Iranian companies, who started to Re-Think Marketing, if they walk what they talk!

I do not know how many billboards have been installed in highways since 4 years ago, I just can say too much.This is good, because it represents a progress in Marketing culture, but you can see unknowledgeable Marketers and greedy advertisers in confused companies with uncertain management strategy in all those advertising.

One of these companies called "TAK MAKARON". They are the biggest pasta producer in Iran. TAK MAKARON has started when there were …

Self development - Discipline Part 1

Winds are sweet for Who has self-discipline,
for him all rivers have a sweet current; and even plants are sweet.
Night is sweet, either the sunrise and the day time.
Atmosphere of the planet of the earth is sweet for him.
Sky, his father will be sweet for him.
That high tree will be full of sweet for him.
The sun will be full of sweet for him, and all cows will be sweet for him.

World's Law-The Law Of Changing.

The Only Thing that Is Not Changing is Changing !

Everything in the world is changing, You can not find anything that is not changing except changing.
Everything Comes to the world, Stay for a while and Leave for ever, nothing remain as it is.
This is a rule, this is the rule of changing which has never ever changed since world creation!
The earth is rounding , the sun is rounding and moving .
Milky way is moving and rounding, Non of these stay in one place constantly and for ever.
Changing may hurt if you do not believe it, dependency is not safe while changing is a rule, If you depend on something you must leave the world when it leaves, this is the rule of changing.
You must accept the rules of policy maker, You can not deny, You must obey, If you do not obey you must leave the world.

World is easy place to live if you accept and obey rules.

World is beautiful and interesting because it is changing.

World is changeableness because it is changing.

You can change because you are living here in …