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Management & Leadership - How Do you Manage Conflict?

A manager asked me this question in an interview. I answered very brief, But found it a good topic for blog :)
1. I look at the Conflict as a positive and natural event, Why?
Simply because people are from different environment, families, societies, cultures, ideologies. People have different personality and different way of thinking and different way of communicating.
So it is natural for two or more people to see one topic, situation or problem from different angle and it is GOOD :)

Sociology - Iran's democracy

Let's get into business... Iran has a democracy.

People must understand that democracy is a psychological and sociological phenomenon, It is a state of mind that makes you listen to objections, accept diversities in opinions and choices.

Democracy is an iteration process, It has a trail-error process, and it takes time to maintain and improve.

Democracy is alive. Like all natural phenomenon, Democracy, progresses. The process is like evolution.

No country in the world has a pure democracy. And all are moving toward one by trail-error method, by decisions they make ... (by the way what is pure democracy any way?!)

If we observe the history of Iran, We may be able to see the trend of Iran, toward her values and dreams, is totally natural.

Iran was monarchy for thousands of years, 103 years ago First Iran's Constitution has been created and till 1979 Iran was still a monarchy. Since 1979 revolution for democracy and freedom(Iranian revolution against Pahlavi Monarchy),…

On choosing happiness. What’s your choice?

After is a self-defeating word. It robs you of the present, and resigns you to wait without taking any action.

You convince yourself that life will be better after something: After you get a new job, after you get a better job, after you get more money, after you get out of debt, after the economy rebounds, after your stocks go back up, after you get that big order.

You convince yourself that life will be better after an event: After you get married, after you have a baby, after you get a new house, after you take a vacation, after you come back from vacation, after summer is over, or some other action-procrastinating “after.”

Are you frustrated that the kids aren't old enough, and believe you'll be more content after they’re in high school or out of high school? Are you frustrated that you have teenagers to deal with? You will certainly be happy after they’re out of that stage. Certainly you’ll be happier after they’re in college, or is it out of college?

You tell yourself that…

Self Development - Take Inventory of Yourself

And now we bring you to that portion of this philosophy which calls for a careful personal inventory on your part in order to determine how much of your time you are using wisely and beneficially, and how much of it you are wasting. This inventory requires that you answer (to yourself) these questions:

a. Do you have a definite major purpose, and if so, how much of your time are you devoting to attaining that purpose?

b. If you have such a purpose, what plan or plans have you for its attainment? Are you working your plans persistently, through organized effort, or working them only intermittently, when the notion strikes you?

c. Is your definite major purpose obsessional, or is it merely a wish or a weak hope?

d. What have you planned to give in return for the realization of the object of your definite major purpose?

e. What steps have you taken to associate yourself with others, under the master mind principle, for the attainment of your purpose?

f. Have your formed the habit of acc…

Self Development - How to Develop Self-Confidence

I was reading the following paragraphs written by Napoleon Hill and just wanted to post them here for YOU ;)

"Selling yourself short is effrontery to your Creator.” The greatest person now living is the one who is reading this sentence. If you do not recognize this truth, then you should begin at once to follow these instructions:

Adopt a Definite Major Purpose and begin where you stand to attain it.

Write out a clear statement of what you believe to be the advantages of your Definite Major Purpose, and call these into your mind many times daily, in the form of a prayer for their attainment.

If your Major Purpose is to attain something material, such as money, see yourself already in possession of it when you call it into your consciousness.

Associate yourself with as many people as possible who are in sympathy with you and your major purpose, and induce them to give you encouragement and faith in every way possible.

Let not a single day pass without making at least one move towa…

Management & Leadership - Four Common Mistakes

I have some years of experience in managerial and non-managerial positions. What my managers and I have done wrong were NOT about vision/mission statement, business plans, strategic planning, marketing plans, financial plans, budgeting, scheduling and so on. We all forgot about the main principle of management, which It is Efficiency and Effectiveness!

Below are four(4) main forgotten management principles. Remember(learn) them and practise them NOW to improve your efficiency and effectiveness TODAY:

1. It's all about people.
2. Know the Needs and Respect the Values
3. Stop criticising, Give only FEEDBACK
4. Ask questions, and let others to ask questions