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4 Behaviors That Can Save or Destroy a Project

There are four behaviors (for sure out of many) that can easily destroy or save a project. Many scientific researches have been done on these dysfunctional behaviors and many new frameworks have been presented by gurus in management to deal with these dysfunctional behaviors, but still 99% of employees from top to bottom waste productivity and resources because of these behaviors. It is very interesting to know that many will not admit or accept it , despite all scientific researches and experiments, and will hate to read the rest of this blog ;) These dysfunctional behaviors are: Student Syndrome, No Early Work Transfers, Parkinson's Law, Polychronicity.

When was the best time to study for exam or write your homework when you were in school? or to put it in a better way, how many times have you prepared for your exam days/weeks/months before the exam? when did you start studying, after your teacher announced that there will be an exam in 2 weeks? From the same day or couple of day…

Teach How to Swim First, Then Push into the Water!

Many companies hire people for certain jobs for many reasons, and sometimes those poor employees become the victim  of mismanagement and poor leadership. They usually end up hating the job and loosing their self-steam  or getting fired.

Isn't this an extra cost? Waste of Money and Time?
Is it a hiring problem or it is the individuals who got hired?
Is it the recruitment process?
Is the management and leadership? or is it the shortage of right people?
or is it the whole system?

All these companies have certain process for hiring, recruiters have enough skills (hopefully!) to lead the recruitment process. A person who applies for a job usually believes he/she can handle the task (minus those who apply for everything due to many other reasons!).

Therefore, the process is kinda standard and somehow fine, although as many other standard processes, it can be done much better, and applicants believe in their capability. For the sake of short this short blog, let's assume that there i…