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Sociology - Iran's democracy

Let's get into business... Iran has a democracy.

People must understand that democracy is a psychological and sociological phenomenon, It is a state of mind that makes you listen to objections, accept diversities in opinions and choices.

Democracy is an iteration process, It has a trail-error process, and it takes time to maintain and improve.

Democracy is alive. Like all natural phenomenon, Democracy, progresses. The process is like evolution.

No country in the world has a pure democracy. And all are moving toward one by trail-error method, by decisions they make ... (by the way what is pure democracy any way?!)

If we observe the history of Iran, We may be able to see the trend of Iran, toward her values and dreams, is totally natural.

Iran was monarchy for thousands of years, 103 years ago First Iran's Constitution has been created and till 1979 Iran was still a monarchy. Since 1979 revolution for democracy and freedom(Iranian revolution against Pahlavi Monarchy),…