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Managers, Learn from NBA Coaches

Give constructive feedback , coach them to be better,Stop criticizing and blaming, Let them do Mistake, Let them learn from their mistake , Encourage team work, Believe in your Team, show them you believe in them, Encourage them, trust them, remind them the goal, keep them on the track, Don't push them off course and the most important UNITE them!

Role of Management in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

Gary Convis, President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky
Since this column is meant to link automotive engineers with lean manufacturing, I would like to share my personal experience as a mechanical engineer who started out in the traditional way of manufacturing, and along the way discovered a much better way - the Toyota Production System.
I will describe what it was like to transplant this philosophy to American soil, in hopes that anyone attempting to change the culture of an existing plant towards "lean manufacturing" can benefit from my experience and observations. In particular, I intend to focus on the role of management in a TPS (or any lean manufacturing) environment.

Retain Your Star Project Managers

Does your organization have what it takes to keep your best project talent? Learn how to keep your star players — and what you can learn if you lose some.

29 March 2011

During the recession, even your best project managers may have been scared to venture out into the great unknown. But as economy starts to tick upward, they may no longer be content doing the same old tasks for the same old salary.

Dangling the promise of higher salaries, bigger bonuses and better career paths, rivals can poach your best people.