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Fundamental of Change Management

The most powerful tool of any agile or lean methodology is continuous improvement. And continues improvement happens only by observing, evaluating, learning and experimenting in a safe to fail environment. Although every change is not improvement, but every improvement is a change. Therefore, changing is the only thing that doesn’t change in an environment that embraces a culture of continues improvement. Because change is inevitable, Therefore it is crucial for everyone to be aware of the fundamentals and essentials of proven change management processes. At this short article we will review these fundamentals. Change and The Goal Of the System Every change initiative must have a reason. The reason must justify the change, the justification is only valid when it is related to the goal of the system or the organisation or the team. As there are always limited resources (e.g. time, money, manpower), therefore it is wise to focus only on things that are obstacles between you and your goa…