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A Simple Formula To Beat Competitors' Ass For Project Based Companies In Digital Space

This is a simple formula (but very difficult to execute) for project based companies to stay competitive. As my background is in software development and digital space, I tailored the formula for Digital and Software Companies (agencies). However, the concepts apply to any project or service based company. 

But first lets clarify some basic terminology to avoid misunderstanding.

Who is a project based company?
a company that makes money by completing a project for a client outside of the organization. such as a digital or software agency.

Before defining the formula, we must know what is the goal of a project based company. (You may read this blog post in regards to Goal as well Goal: Making Money Now and In the Future)

The goal of any for profit company is to be an ever flourishing company OR ... TO MAKE MONEY NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.

For a project based company to be an ever flourishing company, in other words the critical success factors for a project based company are:

Satisfied Emp…