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Waste Reduction in Project Environment - A Lean View

Dr. Taiichi Ohno identified seven category of waste in manufacturing and production that can be applied to project management, to make project environment Leaner. Overproduction, Waiting, Transportation, excess inventory, excess motion, non-value-added processing and defects are the seven categories of waste in Lean manufacturing. Here is a brief translation of  7 categories of waste in project management environment, especially in multi-project environment or/and project management system of systems:

1- Overproduction in project environment happens:

when a task is assigned to a resource before the task is available!or when a task is assigned to a resource because the resource is available and not because the task needs to be performed.or doing a task as part of the project, but in fact it is not part of delivering the value of the project.2- Waiting in project environment is one of those killers;
when a task is half way through, and a resource is pulled away to work on another task at t…